Quick Take: No Thanksgiving Start for Many Retailers This Black Friday

“Leading companies are looking beyond profit maximizing and to doing right by employees and customers. These moves are a step in the right direction.”—Daniel Korschun, PhD, associate professor of marketing at Drexel University.


“Retailers like REI, Nordstrom, Marshalls and Costco are now realizing that selling on Thanksgiving day can maximize profit over that weekend, but may lead to losing proposition in the mid-to-longer term,” according to Daniel Korschun, PhD, an associate professor of marketing in Drexel University’s Black_Friday_Sale_Red_Bag_LeBow College of Business.

What is the reason for this?

“Thanksgiving has an almost sacred quality in the United States and with so many companies selling on Thanksgiving, others are making a statement by no longer intruding on consumers’ lives,” said Korschun.

But the biggest benefit is for employees who get to spend time with family before the grueling holiday shopping season begins.

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