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What if a treatment could prevent tissue damage from becoming a serious osteoarthritis case months, or even decades later? This is the challenge being tackled by researchers at Drexel’s School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems, in conjunction with researchers at Villanova University, University of Delaware and Tulane University, recently published in ACS Nano.

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Drexel Researchers Develop and Employ Cell-Based Approach to Studying Mechanisms of Gulf War Illness

Thirty years ago, George H.W. Bush was the U.S. President, and the United States was in a two-month war: Operation Desert Storm. A total of 154 U.S. service members died and approximately 250,000 returned home suffering from a host of chronic symptoms, ranging from memory deficits, mood disorders, gastrointestinal problems, to headaches and sleep disorders. These health problems, caused by exposure during battle to chemicals such as pesticides, nerve agents and certain prophylactic drugs, continue to plague these veterans — a diagnosis known as Gulf War Illness.

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Q+A: How Health Care Is Being ‘Disrupted’ in West Philadelphia

In early summer of 2021, Loretta Sweet Jemmott, PhD, was unanimously selected to receive the Lazarex Cancer Foundation Disruptor Award for being an individual who has responded with urgency, taking action to combat low minority participation in cancer clinical trials and has disrupted the current status quo by raising awareness about existing problems, putting patients’ interests first and demonstrating a commitment to working on solutions.