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Hearing test

Estrogen May Help Protect Against Hearing Loss, Drexel Study Suggests 

t’s no secret that growing older can be taxing on the body, and this is no less true during perimenopause, which occurs just before menopause, characterized by a significant drop in mature eggs in the ovaries, irregular ovulation, and plummeting levels of estrogen and the hormone progesterone. This drop in estrogen may play a role in hearing loss and help explain gender differences in hearing loss, according to data recently published by researchers at Drexel’s College of Medicine in the American Journal of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Medicine and Surgery.

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Immigration mother holding child's hand

US Citizen Children of Mexican Immigrants Burdened by Family Separation, Discrimination and Mental Health Issues Amid Heightened Immigration Enforcement 

A new study based on the Between the Lines research project — a two-year project between researchers at Drexel University and the Mexico section of the US-Mexico Border Health Commission — offers perspectives on the discrimination and trauma felt by immigrant children amid anti-immigrant rhetoric and family separation policies from 2019-2021.