View the Winning Student Collections from Drexel’s Annual Fashion Show

Drexel Fashion Design students gave a nod to nature on the runway at Urban Outfitters’ corporate headquarters in the Navy Yard on June 10.

Twenty-eight senior and graduate students from the Westphal College of Media Arts & Design exhibited pieces that peered into the return of handwork and textiles, which highlighted an overall theme of sustainability. Conservation of specialized domestic production types including knitting, weaving and print were a point of focus during Fashion ‘17.

Take a look at the student designers who earned accolades this year:

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Karen Andes Rosenberg Award for Excellence in Handcraft
The Senior collection of Ana Sajeski

Neiman Marcus Best in Show Award
The Senior collection of Brittney Laycock

Frank Agostino Award for Excellence in Design, Construction and Workmanship
The Senior collection of Lela Thompson

Gentle Monster Award for Most Creative and Most Saleable Graduate Collection
The Graduate collection of Mital Dhudasia

Delores Quinn Award of Highest Commendation
The Senior collection of Olivia Ballard

Stephanie Schaich Bricken Award for Best Sportswear
The Senior collection of Rosie Gugliotta-Kremer

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