Eight Tips for Successful Email Marketing

First impressions are key, especially when it comes to email marketing so the experts in Drexel University’s Close School of Entrepreneurship put together a list of tips every successful marketer should know. The tips were shared in an infographic available at this link.

  1. An offer you can’t refuse: Offer a promotional item or other benefit in the email’s subject line.
  2. Short and sweet: Make short, informative points. People don’t want to skim an entire email for just a bit of information.email marketing
  3. Stay active: Use active words in the subject line. This makes your email appealing and draws in customers.
  4. Be personal: Use services such as MailChimp that pull a user’s first name for the subject line. If you don’t feel comfortable using this feature, using the words “you,” “your” or “yours” can strengthen an email.
  5. Ask the big questions: people respond positively to engaging questions.
  6. Use power words: You’re more likely to grab a reader’s attention through powerful words such as “smash,” “sensational” or “authentic.”
  7. Become the master: Subscribe to email lists and see which subject lines interest you the most. Learn what captures you and incorporate it.
  8. Write it out: Numerical values have been proven to stop eye flow. When using numbers in subject lines, write it out.
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