Papers Cover Rock: Drexel Students Interview Husker Dü Drummer For Writing Class

Photo credit: Drazen Smaranduj (
Musician Grant Hart was interviewed by Drexel students on July 30. Photo credit: Drazen Smaranduj.

Husker Dü drummer and vocalist Grant Hart was interviewed by Drexel University students taking the “Writing About Rock Music” Honors Course on July 30.

Hart, a cofounder of the influential alt rock and punk band and current solo artist, will speak to the students via Skype about his experiences being reviewed and written about. The students will each ask him a question about his new album, “The Argument.”

The special opportunity to interview a living legend is just one assignment, and rock music opportunity, for these burgeoning writers and rock music enthusiasts, according to Richard Abowitz, the course instructor and editor of The Smart Set, an online literary magazine housed in the Center for Cultural Outreach. The Center and the course are both hosted by the Pennoni Honors College.

“This quarter the students have written about their favorite song, compared a Bob Dylan song of their choice to a cover version of it, written a review of an album and will later be doing a concert review and final paper,” said Abowitz, a former reporter for Rolling Stone magazine.

In order to study over sixty years of music journalism, students in the class also analyzed the different strategies that these generations of music writers have used to interviewed bands and reviewed concerts and albums, from oldies to classic rock into hip-hop and EDM.

The class is held Thursday nights from 6 to 8 p.m.

Media interested in an interview with Hart or Abowitz should contact Alissa Falcone at or 215.571.4319.