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Vending Machine Dispenses MacBooks for Student Use


A Drexel student signs out one of the MacBooks.

Providing a solution to students who don’t want to carry a laptop while walking late at night from their dorm or off-campus housing to the library, Drexel introduced a 24-hour, self-service kiosk located in its Hagerty Library that will dispense MacBooks to students, faculty and staff. Drexel is the third university on the East Coast to introduce the vending machine, which holds up to 12 MacBooks that could be checked out free by anyone with a Drexel ID for five hours of use.

Drexel will evaluate the use of the kiosk and results will determine if additional vending machines can be added in the libraries or around campus. Administrators are also considering iPads for future kiosks.  This is the latest in a series of innovative initiatives by Drexel Libraries. You can read more about the evolution of  Drexel’s Libraries in one of my previous posts. Stay updated on the latest by following the Libraries blog at:


Update on Feb. 12, 2014: After a successful year of lending MacBooks, Drexel has added an additional 18 laptops to the vending machine bringing the total number of available laptops  to 30.

21 thoughts on “Vending Machine Dispenses MacBooks for Student Use

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  6. what about data security?
    I don’t want any company/university to track all of my work and communication.
    login data / passwords for things like dropbox could easily be snatched.

    • I don’t know the details on how it’s done but all information is deleted once the MacBook is inserted back into a slot at the kiosk.

    • Adding to Niki’s comment, you have to sign in using your student ID (against which you’re issuing said MacBook). And once you sign out, or do a Standby/Shut Down/Restart it does a full wipe. So even if you log in using your own account a second time, there’s no trace of previous data. This holds for applications that you might have installed (there are restrictions against those too) get wiped, along with their data. So stuff like Dropbox, along with other login information are handled pretty well.

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    • Being that it is a University and they have to swipe their IDs, I would imagine a nice hefty bill would go on their student account if it walked away. They know who took it. It wouldn’t work that easily elsewhere, though.

      • The security in Hagerty is pretty intense, though. One probably can’t walk out of the library with something they shouldn’t be walking out with (I’m guessing the items, be it books or laptops, are tagged because there are scanners at every door).

  8. Based on the Comments from Firoze,
    I believe they use a Software called Faronics Deep Freeze for Mac,
    which wipes clean the Machine after every Logout/Restart
    and rather than imaging the entire Harddrive,
    it resets any changes made on the Machine to a predefined Setup, which takes less time than a Re-Imaging.

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