Author: Greg Richter

Greg covers Medicine, Public Health, Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems. He graduated from Rowan University, where he also worked in its Office of Media and Public Relations and also had a brief stint as its mascot for the opening of its medical school. Before Drexel, he worked in Penn Medicine’s Office of Communications, most recently as a senior medical communications officer. When not covering news at Drexel, he’s trying out a new recipe or trying to decide if he actually enjoys running. Follow him @DrexelGreg or view his blog posts here. Contact Greg at or 215-895-2614.
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What Lessons Can Philadelphia Learn from Inequality Observed in Latin American Cities?

A new study found wide-ranging differences in lifespan in six major Latin American cities. The findings – which may be the first to give comprehensive, standardized data about life expectancy at birth within small areas of the cities – help researchers pinpoint what forces are linked to these disparities and what lessons can be learned by Philadelphia and other cities experiencing similar issues.