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Student-Created App Takes Hassle Out of Ordering at Food Trucks

Photo of Nanakos and Hansen
Drexel students Nick Nanakos (right) and Cam Hansen launched the TruckBux app after recognizing a big problem within the food truck industry.

If technology has made our lives easier, why can’t it make ordering at food trucks more convenient? Drexel University LeBow College of Business students Nick Nanakos and Cam Hansen kept this in mind when they created TruckBux, an application to ease to the hassle of ordering at a food truck.

Nanakos and Hansen launched TruckBux in 2017 after recognizing a big problem within the food truck industry.

“No matter where you are, food trucks are an easy way to grab a bite to eat while you are out, said Nanakos. “However, waiting in line and having to always pay cash leads to a number of inconveniences.”

TruckBux is designed to make the customer’s life easier and increase the awareness of food that is available in a given area. Based on what food trucks are available on the app, a customer can order their food, receive a notification when it’s ready and pay with venmo, apple pay and a debit/credit card. TruckBux currently serves over 10 food trucks at Drexel and has recently launched partnerships with food trucks at Temple University.

With food trucks being a booming business, Nanakos sees TruckBux growing into a nationwide hub for all services like catering and deliveries. He talks more about his vision in the video below.

The TruckBux app is making great strides in the Close School of Entrepreneurship at Drexel University. In November 2017, TruckBux placed 3rd in the annual Startup Fest competition. With that, TruckBux has also received positive feedback from many customers.

“The TruckBux team are indicative of the quality of startup activity at Drexel,” said Chuck Sacco, associate dean of the Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship and director of the Baiada Institute for Entrepreneurship. “It’s great to see ideas like this being developed across the student body and that students are finding creative ways to be problem solvers, to put solutions into action and to actively engage with customers. TruckBux is a great example of a team taking action and working hard to attempt to turn their idea into a viable business.”

With that, TruckBux has also received positive feedback from many customers. What sets TruckBux apart is the relationship that they have with their customers and vendors. TruckBux places heavy emphasis on making sure that their vendors and their customers are satisfied. They take care of their loyal customers by providing promo codes and discounts. They also make calls and check on customers to make sure they were satisfied with their experience. 

“The heart and soul of TruckBux is our relationship between us and our customers and vendors,” said Nanakos.

This post was written by Shana Joseph, a Drexel student majoring in communications.

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