About the Drexel News Blog

Drexel University‘s news blog is managed by the media relations team in Drexel’s Office of University Communications. We’ll use this blog as a somewhat informal way of sharing news and stories from around the university, to supplement the information we share through news releases, expert advisories and media alerts. The blog is a way of telling stories that don’t fit those formats, telling stories as they develop over time, and injecting more personality and discussion into the topics we cover.

Who we are

Rachel Ewing: I’m a news officer and science writer, and my beats at Drexel are all in the health and science areas, including classic sciences such as biology and chemistry, as well as public health and health professions. I’m also the lead person overseeing this blog — though it’s decidedly a team effort. Follow me on Twitter @DrexelRachel or view my blog posts here. Contact me at raewing@drexel.edu or 215-895-2614.

Britt Faulstick: Britt is also a news officer who covers a lot of other science and tech stories, notably engineering, biomedical engineering, and information science. He also covers a number of areas in media arts and design, student life, athletics, and more. Follow him at @DrexelBritt or view his blog posts here. Contact Britt at britt.faulstick@drexel.edu or 215-895-2617.

Niki Gianakaris: Niki is the director of media relations, overseeing the team of news officers, and handling media communications for many central university administrative areas, including community engagement programs, international programs, university libraries, and more. She also works with the LeBow College of Business. Follow her at @DrexelNiki or view her blog posts here. Contact Niki at ngianakaris@drexel.edu or 215-895-6741.

Alex McKechnie: Alex is a news officer who covers a broad swath of arts, humanities and social sciences, including law, education and politics. Follow her at @DrexelAlex or view her blog posts here. Contact Alex at amckechnie@drexel.edu or 215-895-2705.

Jasmin Sosa: Jasmin was a student employee in the University Communications office until she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications in March 2013.

Alissa Falcone: Alissa is a recent Drexel graduate working as a full-time member of the University Communications staff as a communications associate. Alissa began working in University Communications part-time during her junior year.

Comments policy

On our blog, we welcome comments and on-topic discussions. We will delete comments that we identify as spam, abuse, or potentially harmful misinformation. Contact Rachel and Niki if you have questions about our handling of comments.

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